Coffee instant G7 Black

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Concentrated black coffee
Convenient soluble pack
Help focus mental, intellectual
Produced in Buon Me Thuot
G7 is a trademark of Trung Nguyen (Vietnam).
Weight 30g

Ingredients and uses:

Directly extracted from green, clean, pure coffee beans from the legendary basaltic land of Buon Ma Thuot combining the different secrets of fresh coffee and the most modern production technology in Vietnam.
G7 instant coffee converges the most special elements in the world: Best materials, modern production technology, unique Oriental know-how.
Strong, strong taste from black coffee G7 will help you quickly have a delicious and convenient coffee.
User manual:

Put a packet of coffee in the cup.
Pour 60ml of hot water and stir well.
Add sugar or milk according to taste.

Preserved in a dry environment.
Picture of G7 black coffee pack of 2g (box of 15 packs)