Comfort fabric conditioner for sensitive skin

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Product information
+ Comfort brand
+ For Babies
+ Suitable for sensitive skin
+ Uses Fabric softening, fragrance retention
+ Number of rinsing Many discharge times
+ 800ml, 1,6L, 2,4L, 3.8L capacity
+ Scent of scent
+ Packing Bottles
+ Place of production in Vietnam

Lightweight formula, safe for sensitive skin
+ Suitable for baby clothes.
+ Tested and certified by reputable organizations: British Willow Association, Vietnam National Dermatology Hospital.
The fragrance is mild and lasting
+ Scent stays long on clothes, suitable and non-allergenic for children.
+ The new incense-radiating technology from Comfort dense helps the clothes to radiate fragrance according to your movements throughout the day.
+ Gentle finish for baby clothes.
+ Keeping the fabric is always soft and easy to iron.
Concentrated fabric discharge formula
+ More economical than other common bioslurry.
User manual:
Machine wash:
+ Use 1 cap for 4-5 kg ​​of clothing.
+ Pour Comfort into the fabric softener of the washing machine (or into the final flush).
+ Use ½ cap for 10-15 clothes.
+ Mix Comfort into the final flush.
+ Soak clothes for 10-15 minutes.
+ Squeeze and dry.
+ For best results for jeans, blankets, towels, ... use an additional cap of fabric softener