Fish Sauce Chinsu 250ml

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CHIN-SU brand
Made in Vietnam
500ml capacity
Ingredients Fish sauce anchovy (95%), sugar, flavor enhancer (640, 639, 621, 635), iodized salt, acidity regulator (330), D-xylose sugar, synthetic flavor and natural seed, synthetic sweetener (950), caramel sugar.
Shelf life 18 months from the date of manufacture

Chin-Su Premium Salty Fish Sauce (500ml) is produced with completely new technology, according to a closed process, from the stage of selecting raw materials to bottling, quality assurance for users.
Products are also carefully selected from the pure anchovies, the process of soaking thoroughly, ensuring safety for users.
The premium Chin-su fish sauce is distilled from the quintessential fish sauce to bring out the sweet, sweet taste of fish and attractive aroma.
Each wave of reddish brown waves blends in with the pure sweet taste in each grain of rice, Chin-su's premium sauce turns white and fragrant white rice into the culinary pinnacle.