Fish Sauce Nam Ngu 500ml

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Made in Vietnam
Ingredients Main ingredients (> 97%): Anchovy fish sauce (fish, salt), salt water, sugar Other ingredients (<3%); Dispersants (621, 620, 639, 640, 635), acid modifiers (260, 330), synthetic salmon flavor, preservatives (202, 211), stabilizers (415), substances synthetic sweetener (951), fruit extract for food, food colors (150a, 120) Products containing materials derived from seafood

Nam Ngu fish sauce 500ml with more than 15 types of amino acids necessary for the body, suitable for both dots and cooking, bringing the delicious taste typical of Vietnamese dishes every day more deliciously delicious.

Products are produced according to modern technology with closed lines, fresh anchovy ingredients create delicious flavor, round flavor, honey yellow characteristic, attractive.

With Nam Ngu fish sauce, you can concoct into many different sauces or salty flavor for food during cooking.