Gillette Super Thin II (Cán vàng)

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Gillette Super Thin II Shaver (Gold Roll) Owning a high grade stainless steel blade, Gillette Super Thin cleans hard streaks without causing any damage. In particular, the product has a handle that fits in a slippery plastic cover around it, giving the user an easy-to-operate in all conditions. With Gillette Super Thin, the guy will have a clean face. FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS Material Stainless steel The Gillette Super Thin Gold Shaver has a blade section made of stainless steel. The sharp blade helps to clean hard bearded fibers without causing any damage, giving you a radiant face, giving you more confidence when appearing in front of a crowd. Anti-slip handle The Gillette Super Thin has a smooth grip and a non-slip plastic covering for flexible operation even in wet conditions. Package 6 blades There are 6 convenient razor blades to save you time and money. Premium materials High sharp tongue Glide on the face Helps the man with a smooth face; clean