Pepsi 330ml

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Pepsi Sleek carbonated soft drink with special flavor, attractive, helps you quickly dispel thirst, stimulate taste, increase flavor for meals. Products are produced by modern technology from safe ingredients for health. Bottled compact, handy

Outstanding features:

Delicious and refreshing taste thanks to the natural flavor mixture and synthetic sweetener.
Help refreshments, compensate for body water, dispel feelings of fatigue.
Ingredients do not contain toxic preservatives, safe for health.
Can be discreet, easy to preserve, easy to carry in trips, picnic.
Uses: Helps refreshments, stimulates taste, increases flavor for meals

Ingredients: Water saturated with CO2, HFCS sugar, cane sugar, food color, acidity regulator, natural cola flavor, caffeine

Instructions for use: Use directly, better when drinking cold.

Storage instructions: Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.